Alex Strobel
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As a life coach, and NLP practitioner I help women within the equestrian industry banish negative self talk, build their confidence and strengthen their mindset to enable them to reach their full potential.

*Is your lack of self belief stopping you reaching your goals ?

*Do you feel like you are constantly having to sacrifice one part of your life over another ?

*Do you feel like your time with your horse is being compromised ?

*Do you feel stuck in a rut, lacking the keys to unlock the true potential of you and your horse ?

*Have you lost confidence with your horse or your own ability ?

*Are you plagued with negative self talk ?

*Do you wish you had the tools and techniques to over come all of these things and more ?

*Do you want to have an equestrian life full of confidence, self belief and balance ?

*What’s holding you back ?

As your personal life coach I will teach you:

  1. How to set, visualize and achieve personal, performance and life goals.

  2. How to create powerful anchors to enhance your mindset for training, competition and everyday success.

  3. How to stay focused and achieve the results you want and the equestrian life you dream of.

  4. How to banish negative self talk for good.